By Morgan Smith of the New York Times: BLACKWELL, Tex. — When people complain about the weather here, Abe Gott, the school superintendent, just smiles.  A visit to the campus of the school district of about 160 students shows why. Behind the 1930s-era facade of the Blackwell school 30 miles south of Sweetwater looms a […] Read More

Richard Cockle of The Oregonian:  GRASS VALLEY — Every household in windswept Sherman County will soon get a Christmas gift in the mail: a $590 check. The lonesome 831-square-mile county may lay to rest the adage about an “ill wind blowing nobody any good.” This is the third consecutive year that checks will go out […] Read More

The U.S. Roadmap and Executive Summary are available online: Today, the Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition (OREC) unveiled the first U.S. Marine and Hydrokinetic (MHK) Technology Roadmap. The roadmap describes the issues, challenges and opportunities facing the MHK industry and outlines a clear and logical path to its commercialization. Technologies that capture energy from free-flowing […] Read More

Matthew Ryan Williams of The New York Times: For decades, electric companies have swung into emergency mode when demand soars on blistering hot days, appealing to households to use less power. But with the rise of wind energy, utilities in the Pacific Northwest are sometimes dealing with the opposite: moments when there is too much […] Read More

David R. Baker of San Francisco Chronicle In the debate over our energy future, solar, wind and electric car companies don’t speak in a single, unified voice. Tom Steyer and Hemant Taneja want to change that. They have formed an organization, called Advanced Energy Economy, that the two hope will grow into a nationwide chamber […] Read More

Stephen Lacey of Climate Progress: Former Massachusetts governor and presidential front-runner Mitt Romney — once a candidate who stood up to coal and supported clean energy — is now calling green jobs fake. In an op-ed in the Orange County Register published Monday, Romney regurgitates GOP talking points on loan guarantees to Solyndra and Fisker […] Read More

Anchorage Daily News: Southcentral Alaska residents reduced their energy consumption by 1 percent to 2 percent last Wednesday during an energy conservation drill, according to Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan’s office. Last year during a similar test, residents in the region cut energy use by 2 percent to 4 percent.  Residents in Anchorage, Mat-Su and the […] Read More

By Staff Reports of Fairbanks Daily News Miner FAIRBANKS — The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill Monday that would clear the way for a land exchange between the National Park Service and Doyon, Limited so the Fairbanks-based regional Native corporation can build a small hydroelectric plant to help power a backcountry lodge it […] Read More

Some good news from Golden Valley Electric Association. They’ve ordered the turbines for their Eva Creek wind farm near Healy. The utility plans to have the turbines up and running by 2012. The wind farm will be one of three on the Railbelt grid, which stretches from Homer to Fairbanks.  In addition to the 24.6-megawatt […] Read More

Although Tim’s opinion piece below deals primarily with oil and gas development, I wanted to share it to show how the government is already involved in directing our energy development. Some argue that renewable energy should stand on its own, that if it’s such a good deal it should not need subsidies. The reality is […] Read More