By Anne Hillman | Alaska Public Radio Network: Agnes is a seven-month-old sea otter pup who was rescued and sent to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. She’s swimming around a pool with another orphaned otter. The center’s marine mammal curator Derek Woodie says the otters don’t have any blubber, they rely on their thick [...] Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | The Alaska Dispatch: SEWARD — It’s hard to miss the picturesque beauty of Resurrection Bay when you’re in this seaside town. Tucked between steep mountains, the bay serves as a gateway to Prince William Sound — known for its majestic beauty, bountiful fishing and recreation paradise for residents of Southcentral Alaska. [...] Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | The Alaska Dispatch: A battle quietly — though contentiously — has been brewing among electrical producers in Alaska. On one side are independent power producers, a group with wildly different entities sharing one goal: To privately produce power, usually renewable power, either for themselves or to sell to utilities. On the [...] Read More

By Alex DeMarban | The Alaska Dispatch: With Alaska’s government now in the red but still blowing hundreds of millions of dollars on multiple energy mega-projects, it’s time for a comprehensive analysis of those projects to help Alaska leaders prioritize the public’s money and stop wasting money on pipe dreams. That was the take-home message [...] Read More

By Elwood Brehmer | Alaksa Journal of Commerce: When Bill Staby first arrived in Yakutat he drew a quick realization from a small tube of toothpaste on a store shelf: life in Yakutat is expensive. The toothpaste was $4. “Not only did I think, ‘gee, that’s really expensive,’ but I wondered how many of these [...] Read More

By Tegan Hanlon | Anchorage Daily News: Declaring the first year of generating electricity from wind at Fire Island a success, its Native corporation owner plans to double the number of turbines even as its customer, Chugach Electric Association, hasn’t fully accommodated a power source as variable as the wind. The 262-foot tall turbines just [...] Read More

By Sean Doogan | The Alaska Dispatch:  After drilling several test holes at a hot springs near Nome, scientists and prospective developers of a planned geothermal electric project still haven’t found the energy they need. But they may be getting close. A production-size hole — big enough to be turned into a working geothermal power [...] Read More

Shaina Kilcoyne | Fairbanks Daily News Miner Community Perspective:  American billionaire Warren Buffett earned his wealth by focusing on the long-term value of his investments rather than the short-term pricing of stocks. There is an easy way Alaskans too, can make same smart, long-term investment decisions that made Mr. Buffett successful: energy efficiency. While it’s not [...] Read More

By David Unger | The Christian Science Monitor: Gary Raymond had had enough of the lights in Warehouse No. 5. The old metal-halide fixtures cast a sour yellow hue on the stacks of cardboard boxes inside the storage facility. They hummed incessantly and burned out well before their due. So Mr. Raymond, the landlord, replaced [...] Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | The Alaska Dispatch:  Last year, it was hard not to miss the message Southcentral Alaska utilities and political leaders were shouting: a natural gas shortage was just around the corner, and with that, residents should begin thinking about austerity measures. Based on supplies of the day, customers using natural gas to [...] Read More