Small town Tanana, Alaska is off the grid. The city of about 300 people lies 132 mostly roadless miles from Fairbanks, making it easier to reach by airplane than by car. From the U.S Department of Energy: That means Tanana has to burn diesel to create electricity, pushing up the cost to 76 cents per [...] Read More

By Brielle Schaeffer of the Peninsula Clarion: The Kenai City Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday supporting the development of wind and alternative energies, energy efficient projects within the city and open meetings with other local governments on the Peninsula. “I support the resolution on the compact for climate change,” said Nadia Daggett, North Kenai [...] Read More

By Mark Masteller in the Anchorage Daily News: Thanks to clever marketers, if I said I had a problem with ED, you might immediately have an idea what I’m talking about. But I have a problem with EE. It’s no cause for embarrassment — EE is a great thing. EE can save you money, create [...] Read More

By Lori Tipton at KTUU-TV: Exploratory drilling is under way in King Salmon to determine the potential for geothermal energy. The Naknek Electric Association, an energy co-op, is testing a geothermal well to see if developing the renewable resource is feasible. The geothermal project’s test well took more than 10 years to come together, at [...] Read More

From the Anchorage Daily News editorial staff: Robin Eckstein knows about U.S. dependence on foreign oil in more ways than one. She served as a truck driver with the Army’s 1st Armored Division in Iraq, ferrying fuel and water for her fellow soldiers. She left the service in 2007, but she since has found another [...] Read More

By ALAN COWELL of the New York Times: PARIS — Slender as a stick insect, a solar-powered experimental airplane with a huge wing span completed its first test flight of more than 24 hours on Thursday, powered overnight by energy collected from the sun during a day aloft over Switzerland. The organizers said the flight [...] Read More

By MICHAEL BURNHAM in the New York Times Green Inc. blog: Westward pioneers halted their wagons here (Portland)  150 years ago, but today’s politicians and planners aim to make recession-battered Portland the starting point for green-economy trailblazers. Mayor Sam Adams and General Electric Co. executives are forging a first-of-its-kind partnership that will include retrofitting drafty [...] Read More

From Energy Efficiency News: Last year, just shy of 20% of Europe’s total electricity consumption came from renewable sources, according to the latest figures from the European Commission. The EC’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) has produced annual Renewable Energy Snapshots since 2007 to track the region’s progress towards the target of 20% renewable energy generation [...] Read More

From Joaqlin Estus at KNBA: A new group of advocates for renewable and alternative energy plan is emerging: veterans and retired military leaders. A national advocacy group called “Operation Free” organized a panel of speakers in Anchorage Tuesday. The nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and climate change are already leading to increased costs for the [...] Read More

By Alan Bailey of the Petroleum News: Juneau residents might soon see emission-free electric automobiles whirring along the eight miles of highway that connect the state capital’s downtown area to the Mendenhall Valley where many Juneau residents live. At least, that’s the vision of Juneau electric utility Alaska Electric Light & Power. With a small, [...] Read More