By Sean Doogan | The Alaska Dispatch:  After drilling several test holes at a hot springs near Nome, scientists and prospective developers of a planned geothermal electric project still haven’t found the energy they need. But they may be getting close. A production-size hole — big enough to be turned into a working geothermal power […] Read More

Shaina Kilcoyne | Fairbanks Daily News Miner Community Perspective:  American billionaire Warren Buffett earned his wealth by focusing on the long-term value of his investments rather than the short-term pricing of stocks. There is an easy way Alaskans too, can make same smart, long-term investment decisions that made Mr. Buffett successful: energy efficiency. While it’s not […] Read More

By David Unger | The Christian Science Monitor: Gary Raymond had had enough of the lights in Warehouse No. 5. The old metal-halide fixtures cast a sour yellow hue on the stacks of cardboard boxes inside the storage facility. They hummed incessantly and burned out well before their due. So Mr. Raymond, the landlord, replaced […] Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | The Alaska Dispatch:  Last year, it was hard not to miss the message Southcentral Alaska utilities and political leaders were shouting: a natural gas shortage was just around the corner, and with that, residents should begin thinking about austerity measures. Based on supplies of the day, customers using natural gas to […] Read More

By Sean Doogan | The Alaska Dispatch: Scientists and drillers are searching for hot water — and lots of it — at Pilgrim Hot Springs, 60 miles northeast of Nome on Alaska’s western coast. A drill rig is currently chewing away at the earth, and has passed 750 feet in depth. Once it reaches 1,000 […] Read More

By Tim Bradner | Anchorage Daily News: We’re a bit spoiled in Southcentral Alaska when it comes to energy. Home heating and electricity, fueled mainly with gas, are still cheap compared with other parts of the state. In Fairbanks, where fuel oil is used, winter heating bills rival mortgage payments. In rural Alaska, fuel oil […] Read More

By Anne Hillman | Alaska Public Radio Network: It may become easier for independent energy producers to provide power to the grid. The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has agreed to review out-of-date statutes that some say are holding up renewable energy projects. MORE Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | The Alaska Dispatch: It’s been 31 years since the Regulatory Commission of Alaska has taken a hard look at the rules of engagement when small, independent power producers try to sell energy to large electric utilities. One man is hoping to change that and in the process not only encourage development […] Read More

By Alexandra Gutierrez | Alaska Public Radio Network: The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is in charge of managing what’s called the “energy efficiency revolving loan fund.” They can issue up to $250 million dollars in loans to school districts, boroughs, municipalities, and the university system. Given what a big problem energy costs are across […] Read More

By Laureli Kinneen | KNOM: Drilling for a geothermal test well began today north of Nome at the Pilgrim Hot Springs. The Alaska Center for Energy and Power estimates two megawatts of sustainable power can be generated from the site. If the estimates are true, Nome residents may soon see the benefits of tapping into the […] Read More