By Andrew Revkin | The New York Times:  The International Energy Agency today released a helpful report that charts four climate-wise (if fairly familiar) actions countries can pursue to make a difference in greenhouse-gas emissions by 2020. There’s a low bar to entry, the agency noted, saying these steps “can deliver significant emissions reductions by 2020, rely […] Read More

By Matthew L. Wald | The New York Times: One reason that offshore wind has not caught on in the United States is the steep cost of erecting a tower in the water, but researchers at the University of Maine tried another approach on Friday bylaunching a floating wind machine. It is the first offshore wind […] Read More

Anchorage Daily News: Despite worries across the U.S. that proliferating wind farms will endanger birds, officials in Kodiak say the city’s small, 4-year-old wind farm hasn’t resulted in even one report of a bird death. Part of the reason is that the Pillar Mountain wind farm site is relatively bird-free, according to the Kodiak Electric […] Read More

By Margaret Kriz Hobson | The Alaska Dispatch:  At a time when international competition is heating up to export liquefied natural gas into Asia, Alaska is scrambling to become a major player in foreign export markets, while also giving state consumers access to local fuel. America’s northernmost state wants to commercialize the 34 trillion cubic […] Read More

By Nassrine Azimi | The New York Times: ITSUKUSHIMA Shrine on Miyajima Island, built by the warlord Taira no Kiyomori around 1168, stands at the edge of an inlet of the Inland Sea, not far from Hiroshima. Long regarded as one of Japan’s three most beautiful places, it was registered in 1996 by Unesco as a […] Read More

By Elisabeth Rosenthal | The New York Times: WE will need fossil fuels like oil and gas for the foreseeable future. So there’s really little choice (sigh). We have to press ahead with fracking for natural gas. We must approve the Keystone XL pipeline to get Canadian oil. This mantra, repeated on TV ads and in […] Read More

By Carey Restino | The Bristol Bay Times: They say necessity is the mother of all invention, so it should come as no surprise that an Alaskan has built arguably the tightest house in the world. The home, deemed the world’s tightest by the World Record Academy, can be found in Dillingham, a town of about […] Read More

By Felicity Barringer | The New York Times: At a time when large dams are being taken down, not put up, the state of Alaska is proposing to construct one of the tallest and most expensive hydroelectric dams ever built in North America. The Alaska Energy Authority is planning to build a 735-foot, $5.2 billion […] Read More

By Ed Ronco | KCAW: Maybe you’ve turned the thermostat down. Maybe you’ve put on an extra pair of socks, or you wear a sweater around the house. And maybe, as a result, you’ve seen some savings in your energy bill. But a new state program might help you see even more savings, if you’re […] Read More

By Tim Bradner | Alaska Journal of Commerce: ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc. says it will not extend the federal export license for its Kenai natural gas liquefaction plant when the license expires March 31. However, the plant will be maintained in a standby mode to be available if opportunities develop, company spokeswoman Amy Burnett said in […] Read More