By Hannah Heimuch | Bristol Bay Times: As energy companies race to reap the benefits of Arctic oil, other parts of Alaska are charging into new energy technologies. In False Pass, researchers have initiated a project that explores the potential power of ocean currents. Much like wind turbines harness the massive moving energy of air [...] Read More

By Stephanie Joyce | KUCB: Last year, the Aleutian Housing Authority challenged architects to design an affordable, net-zero energy home that could withstand the region’s hostile climate while adhering to the world’s strictest green building standards. Not an easy task, but more than one hundred teams entered the contest. Trying to build the winning design [...] Read More

By Jeff Richardson | Fairbanks Daily News Miner: The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ grand experiment in sustainable student housing has officially begun. UAF unveiled its newest housing development, the Sustainable Village, on Wednesday. Unlike the generic dorms scattered across most campuses, the units form a living research project that supporters say could reshape construction techniques [...] Read More

By Daysha Eaton | KSKA: All 11 wind turbines on Fire Island are now generating power for Southcentral Alaska. Officials at Cook Inlet Region Incorporated say they’ve been testing the turbines and transmission lines for nearly a month now. And today it became official – all of them are feeding into the grid. If the [...] Read More

By Alejandro Lazo | Los Angeles Times: Crowned with three gables and painted in hues of gray and white, the suburban home in Lake Forest doesn’t look much like the domicile of the future. But as summer heat radiates off the fresh asphalt outside, the home runs comfortably at full tilt indoors. Recessed lights shine, [...] Read More

Michael B. Sauter | NBC News: In 2010, the United States used roughly 97.7 quadrillion Btu of energy, up from roughly 95 quadrillion in 2009. To put that in perspective, the U.S. Energy Information Administrationestimates global consumption at roughly 500 quadrillion Btu. Effectively, the U.S. population, which accounts for approximately 4.5 percent of the world’s population, uses [...] Read More

By Diane Cardwell | New York Times: Last month, Gamesa, a major maker of wind turbines, completed the first significant order of its latest innovation: a camper-size box that can capture the energy of slow winds, potentially opening up new parts of the country to wind power. But by the time the last of the [...] Read More

By Suzanna Caldwell | Alaska Dispatch: Eleven wind turbines that have altered the Anchorage landscape and will soon supplement Anchorage’s power supply are up and almost running on Fire Island. As winter looms and Southcentral Alaska recovers from multiple windstorms, Fire Island Wind, a subsidiary of Cook Inlet Region Inc. (CIRI), is in final stages of its [...] Read More

By Diane Cardwell | New York Times: The aisles of a typical Walgreens drugstore are stacked with products promoting their green attributes, whether they are towels made from recycled paper or makeup brushes made from fast-growing grass. But increasingly, on the roof, a less visible green endeavor is under way, in the form of solar [...] Read More

Alaska Business Monthly: Commercial building owners will soon have access to affordable loans for energy conservation retrofitting and alternative energy systems. The Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development will begin accepting applications for the Alternative Energy and Conservation Revolving Loan Fund on September 10, 2012. “This fund offers building owners the opportunity to realize [...] Read More