Nova Scotia Joins Surge on Tidal Power 

By Alasdair Cameron, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia – To date much of the focus on tidal power has been on the Eastern side of the Atlantic with demonstration projects in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Over on the Western side however, the Canadian Province of Nova Scotia looks set to give the old country a firm run for its money.

The latest step forward came in February 2011 with the announcement that Atlantis Energy had won the fourth and final test bed in Nova Scotia’s demonstration facility – part of the Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE).

Officially founded in 2009, FORCE aims to take advantage of the enormous tidal potential available in the region.

Sandra Farwell of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy said that the project is “well underway.”

“The Province has provided funding towards the projects, CAN$7 million in total, and the Central Government has provided CAN$20 million,” she said.

“We’ve put the funding towards the common infrastructure for the site, and the players can come in and demonstrate devices. We want to be a centre of excellence where people can learn and develop devices, so they can find out what works in such a harsh environment,” she explained.

Every day more than 100 billion tons of seawater flows into the Bay of Fundy – more than all the world’s freshwater rivers combined. Early estimates suggest that the Minas Passage may be able to usably harness 300 MW of electricity, while the Bay of Fundy as a whole could provide up to 8,000 MW of installed capacity. Read more

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