Oct. 13 Monthly Forum: A Tour of Renewable Energy in Europe 

Austin_forwebOur Oct. 13 Forum will feature Austin Johnson, who will speak about his recent trip touring renewable energy facilities in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the UK. Throughout the presentation, Austin will discuss and show pictures of the most intriguing energy systems and sustainable ways of living that he experienced while traveling. Austin will also talk about his time driving the hydrogen highway in Norway – which features a line of hydrogen filling stations all creating hydrogen in different ways – and the new Statkraft Osmotic Power Plant (also in Norway) the sole facility in the world where electricity is being made by exploiting a difference in pressure between fresh and salt water. Austin will also delve into his tours of biogas facilities that produce methane insuring a sustainable mass transit future in Sweden, as well as Swedish lead BioDME research which produces diesel fuel from wood. More information here

Austin is a fifth generation Alaskan who has been interested in renewable energy ever since he took a class on the subject at the Atheneum School in Anchorage. Instead of attending college immediately after high school, he decided to travel and learn about Northern Europe’s huge lead – relative to America – in renewable energy technologies. In addition to his travels, he has been working on developing a prototype for an in-stream hydrokinetic device that would generate power from the flowing river current.

More information at 929-7770 or s.nowers@REalaska.org.

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