Palmer Energy Fair Offers Efficiency Measures and Savings for Home and Business 

Come to the Energy Fair on Friday, May 14 from 6-9 PM at the Palmer Depot.

“Alaska Energy: Efficiency and You” will focus on what you can do in your home and business to cut back on energy use through energy efficiency measures.

Home and business owners have options to save money by decreasing their energy bills through energy efficiency measures.  Energy efficiency doesn’t mean you will have to freeze in the dark using only a bare minimum of appliances.  Energy efficiency means saving money by using energy more thoughtfully. Energy efficiency, done right, results in spending less money to provide the services Alaskans need, in affordable, and efficient ways, with no sacrifice to your convenience or comfort.

If we simply increase our efficiency by 3.3% each year for the next 15 years, we will be using about ½ the amount of power we used in 2000, according to a February 2010 study of Alaska’s Energy Efficiency potential on the railbelt conducted by Natural Capitalism Solutions.  Less power produced means less money coming out of Alaskans pocketbooks.

Energy efficiency improvements can be made immediately.

The Energy Fair will feature:

BOOTHS featuring statewide programs, organizations and businesses focused on energy efficiency.

INFORMATION packets on statewide programs and more about energy efficiency.

A BULB SWAP: Incandescents are a drain on your energy bill.  Bring in your incandescent light bulb and receive a low energy lightbulb in return.

WATT’S MY POWER RAFFLE. Enter the free raffle and get a chance to win a Digital Meter that reads your power usage from each appliance or win a Smart Power Strip that automatically turns off your appliances when you’ve shut down your major appliance.
ICE CREAM SOCIAL.  There is no better way to celebrate anything than with free ice cream with the fixings.  Bring the whole family!  All are welcome and there will be information for all ages.

The “Alaska Energy: Efficiency and You” Energy Fair is the fourth in a series of informational community events sponsored by the MEA Ratepayer’s Alliance, Inc.- a grassroots nonprofit here in the Valley. To learn more about the fair and our organization find us on the web at Hope to see you at the Fair!!

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