Railbelt has promising options for renewable electricity 

The Anchorage Daily News wrote this editorial on the state’s recently released Regional Integrated Resource Plan: Before Sarah Palin resigned, she set an ambitious energy goal for the state: By the year 2025, Alaska aims to get half of our electricity from renewable sources. We’ve got a good head start: We’re almost halfway to the goal, thanks to hydropower, especially in Southeast and Kodiak.

Here in the Railbelt, we’re far behind, with three dams that supply about 10 percent of our power. But we have plenty of options to do our part in meeting the 50 percent target, according to a draft study for the Alaska Energy Authority. The study looks at how the Railbelt can meet electricity demands as the supply of cheap natural gas shrinks and aging equipment needs to be replaced. Read more

*REAP recently hosted a forum on this study. To read more about it and hear a presentation on the plan, click here

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