REAP Forum — A roadmap to cutting AK electricity use by 50% 

COMPLETE-REELinAlaskaRoadmapHow can Alaskans lower their electric bill and create jobs? Renewable Energy Alaska Project hosts a FREE forum March 10 on a new report released by the Alaska Conservation Alliance that shows how businesses and residents in the Railbelt – the state’s most populated region – can cut electricity use by 50% by 2025. Cutting our energy use saves money and reduces the need to build expensive new power production facilities. The report, entitled “Railbelt Electricity Efficiency Landscape”, offers a roadmap to producing the energy savings and details a host of innovative real-life examples from using smart meters to show people how much power they are using to funding energy-efficient improvements through property taxes which allows people to do upgrades without having to worry about losing out on the benefits if they have to sell.

Come hear more about this important report and how you can help at REAP’s Forum, 6-8 p.m., March 10 at the Anchorage museum auditorium. Elizabeth Outten of the Alaska Conservation Alliance will be our presenter. For more information, call 929.7770 or email

Read the full REEL report here
Read a summary of the REEL report here

Anchorage Museum
625 C Street
Anchorage, AK 99501

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