REAP monthly forum – Southcentral energy plan 

6-8 pm at the Anchorage Museum auditorium

The supply of cheap, available natural gas is dwindling in Cook Inlet, and the Railbelt has tough choices to make to secure power for our homes and businesses for the coming decades. So where should that power come from and how do we ensure we make the right choices now to secure the best energy future?


Natural gas production in Cook Inlet is declining. Blue line shows current output. Red line is a projection of where demand could start to exceed supply. Natural gas currently supplies more than 90 percent of the power needs for Southcentral Alaska. To see a 2009 Powerpoint summarizing the Cook Inlet natural gas situation, click on the link on the bottom left.

Come hear what the state is doing to find solutions for powering Southcentral Alaska (and Fairbanks), and give your input at REAP’s free monthly energy forum.

Jim Strandberg, of the Alaska Energy Authority, will discuss the options being considered and talk about the Regional Integrated Resource Plan, a state-funded study that is a key element to answering those questions. The study, now out for public comment, analyzes a variety of options over the next 50 years from building an in-state gas pipeline to tapping geothermal and hydroelectric power. Securing a good, long-term supply of energy is one of the biggest issues facing the state. Come be a part of the discussion. For more information, call 929-7770 or email

To download a copy of the draft Regional Integrated Resource Plan(RIRP), click here

2009 Energy Forum Powerpoint

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