Renewing our future with energy and jobs 

A very cool essay posted today on Alaska Dispatch: Earlier this year, the Alaska Federation of Natives sponsored Native Insight: Thoughts on Recession, Recovery & Opportunity, an essay contest that asked competitors to offer their perspectives on the current economic and political landscape, as well as thoughts and ideas related to economic renewal. Seven winners were recognized at AFN’s annual convention in Anchorage in October, and they will share $60,000 in prize money. Alaska Dispatch is pleased to be able to publish the winning essays, which will appear over the course of this week. The following is Harold Frank Jr.’s winning essay, “Renewing our future.”

By Harold Frank Jr.

Ibelieve the key to economic renewal in rural Alaska begins with providing good education and career training for any tribal member that wants to improve their world. Economic and social advances must begin and end with our tribal members becoming competitive. Education and career training provide maximum flexibility in the workplace.

I am a current graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree at Central Washington University. The topic of my thesis is “Developing Tidal Energy in Angoon, Alaska.” I decided to explore renewable energy alternatives because methods to reduce the burdensome cost of energy would be welcomed by fellow tribal members in my hometown. My personal vision is to identify a need and educate myself to fill the void. Education is the key. Read more

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