Seafood processor taps Kodiak wind farm for power, sustainable label 

From Alaska Dispatch: According to the Kodiak Daily Mirror, Island Seafoods, a small fish processor on Shelikof Street in Kodiak, is hoping to boost the marketing of its product by touting its connection to sustainable energy, via Kodiak’s Pillar Mountain wind farm. “We’re going to have a green label that says something like, ‘Sustainable fish produced by clean, sustainable wind turbine energy,’” Island’s general manager John Whiddon told the Mirror. The processor uses about the same amount of power from the wind turbines as homes and other businesses on Kodiak do, but because it doesn’t use more than the wind farm produces, the label could reasonably apply, the Mirror reports. The effort will also be a boost of publicity for Kodiak Electric Association, the co-op that owns the wind farm, and there is discussion of a marketing partnership between it and Island Seafoods, and perhaps other processors involved in processing the lower energy-intensive fisheries. ““I doubt this would work as well for pollock,” noted KEA’s president. Read more here.

REAP note: REAP has reported extensively on Kodiak Electric Association’s successful wind farm. The turbines, installed last July, are now generating almost 9% of the utility’s electricity and have cut diesel fuel use in half by more than 900,000 gallons. That adds up to a savings of more than $2.3 million in the first year for a project that cost just over $21.4 million. Plus the utility is now far more insulated against price spikes in the cost of diesel. The utility also uses hydropower, and along with the wind, is generating 89% of its electricity from renewable sources. Kodiak Electric Association was install the turbines thanks in part to a $4 million grant from the state’s Renewable Energy Grant Fund, which REAP helped get created.

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