Sitka asks residents to conserve electricity 

From the Anchorage Daily News: Low water levels at two lakes that power Sitka’s hydroelectric plants are coming at a bad time for the region as the city prepares to burn diesel fuel during a cold snap in late March. City utility director Chris Brewton said the combination of low rainfall and cold weather is “the worst of all cases,” according to the Daily Sitka Sentinel.

The cold weather means the demand for power is growing. The city has asked residents to switch to a nonelectric heat source, such as oil, especially during peak-use hours in the morning. The city’s hydroelectric plants rely on Green Lake, south of Sitka, and Blue Lake, east of town.

“The good news is we’re not burning diesel at this time,” Brewton said. “We’re right on the edge, but we haven’t started.”

The city uses a traffic light to illustrate its power status. On Friday, the city switched that light from yellow to red. Read more

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