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Solicitation for Wood Pellet Fuel for Coast Guard

The Defense Logistics Agency solicitation for wood pellet fuel for CG Air Station Sitka is now posted on Interested vendors should respond to this solicitation at

DOE Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG)

EECBH is designed to help American cities reduce fossil fuel emissions, improve energy efficiency and create jobs. Grants can be used for energy efficiency and conservation programs and projects communitywide, as well as renewable energy installations on government buildings

DOE’S Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE )Program

Covered by the Recovery Act, EERE works with business, industry, universities and others to increase the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies by offering financial assistance opportunities for their development and demonstration. Follow the link to find current financial assistance solicitations.

DOE-Loan Programs Office 1703

The Section 1703 Loan Program supports innovative clean energy technologies that are typically unable to obtain conventional private financing due to high technology risks. In addition, the technologies must avoid, reduce, or sequester air pollutants or anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases.

Additional funding options are updated periodically on federal websites. Check out, and to find current solicitations.

Rural Energy for America Program

Through REAP, grant and loan funds are available to finance a range of energy production and conservation projects. These include renewable energy systems, energy efficiency improvements, feasibility studies, energy audits and renewable energy development assistance.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), also known as the Recovery Act:

Federal Government Recovery Act

DOE Recovery Act

DOE Recovery Act Clearinghouse (Toll-Free): (888) 363-RCVY or (888) 363-7289

State Programs

Sustainable Energy Transmission and Supply Development Fund (SETS)

Alaska Sustainable Strategy for Energy Transmission and Supply Act (ASSETS) creates new programs and powers within AIDEA by offering a number of energy development financing options, including direct lending, loan participation, and bond guarantees.

Renewable Energy Grant Fund

The Alaska Energy Authority’s Renewable Energy Grant Fund solicits application annually for renewable energy projects. Applications are accepted around September each year. For more information, visit their website or contact AEA Grant Administrator Shawn Calfa at

Alaska Energy Authority’s (AEA) Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency Programs

AEA program promotes the use of renewable energy resources and local sources of local coal and natural gas alternatives to diesel-based power, heat and fuel production along with improved energy efficiency. To find information on how to apply, browse their Alternative Energy and Energy Efficiency Assistance Plan for current solicitations.

Alaska Energy Authority’s (AEA) Community Assistance Program

The Community Assistance Program provides technical assistance to rural communities by serving as a liaison between the community and funding agencies. Additional, the AEA coordinates community involvement, serves as a key resource during emergencies, and assists in the grant application process.

Alaska Energy Authority’s (AEA) Emerging Energy Technology Fund (EETF)

The Authority may make grants to eligible applicants for demonstration projects of technologies that have a reasonable expectation to be commercially viable within five years and includes technology related to renewable sources of energy, conservation of energy, enabling technologies, efficient and effective uses of hydrocarbons, and integrated systems.

Golden Valley Electric Association’s Substantial Natural Alternative Power Program

GVEA’s SNAP program encourages members to install renewable energy generators and connect them to the utility’s electrical distribution system by offering an incentive payment based on the system’s production on a dollar per kilowatt-hour ($/kWh) basis.

Who we are

Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.