State Legislature to vote on $28.6M in energy stimulus funds 

The state legislature has called a special session for this coming Monday, August 10th, to override former Governor Sarah Palin’s veto of $28.6 million in federal stimulus funds for renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Governor Sean Parnell has said he’ll request the funds from the federal government if it takes place.  Alaska was the only state to refuse the money.

So what could the money be used for?
The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation in March created a planned list of uses for the $28.6 million. The money would go to programs administered by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation and the Alaska Energy Authority. The list included programs to:
– develop statewide greenbuilding standards
– provide rebates to residents who set up renewable energy systems
– pay for energy efficiency education workshops
– fund weatherization upgrades of homes
– provide matching funds for energy audits of commercial facilities in the state.
– provide rebates, incentives or payments for commerical, industrial and institutional facilities installing energy efficent equipment.
– fund research and development on renewable energy systems for communities to provide both electricity and heat.

Let your legislator know how you feel about this important issue.  Every constituent’s voice is important.  For legislative contact information click HERE

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