Strengthening Communities Fund grants deadlines 

Deadline for two (2) Strengthening Communities Fund (SCF) grants. The state, local and tribal government capacity building program will make one-time, two-year awards of up to $250,000 to state, city, county and Indian/Native American tribal governments. Governments will use these grants to strengthen nonprofit organizations and increase the nonprofits’ involvement in projects that help turn our economy around.
48 grants will be awarded. Government offices at the State, local or tribal level or their designees can apply for funding to strengthen or create offices encouraging partnerships with nonprofits. The grant
announcement can be found at:

The Non-Profit Capacity Building Program will make one-time, two year awards of up to $1 million to experienced lead organizations to provide nonprofit organizations – or project partners – with capacity building training, technical assistance, and competitive financial assistance. A minimum of 55% of the federal funds warded must be provided to project partners through a competitive process. The announcement for the SCF Nonprofit Capacity Building grant is available:

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