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Free Anchorage Consumer Education Courses in Energy Efficiency

Anchorage, Alaska—March 2, 2010—Alaska Craftsman Home Program (ACHP) is offering free courses in energy efficiency for consumers interested in the Alaska Home Energy Rebate Program. Students will learn how to do or direct their own energy efficient improvements for Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) Rebates. Eight courses are offered Monday-Thursday from 7-9pm on a continuous rotating two-week schedule and are outlined as follows:

Week One
Monday:             Building Science Basics
Tuesday:             Airtightness
Wednesday:             Ice Dams
Thursday:             Lighting & Appliances

Week Two
Monday:            Heating & Hot Water
Tuesday:            Doors & Windows
Wednesday:            Insulation
Thursday:             Ventilation

For workshop descriptions and upcoming class schedules, visit the ACHP website at Classes held at 3400 Spenard Rd. Ste. 9, Anchorage, AK 99503. Workshops are generously funded by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation. Please register online or call Alaska Craftsman Home Program at (907) 258-2247 for details. Class size is limited and registration is required.

The Alaska Craftsman Home Program, Inc. is an educational building industry alliance that promotes energy-efficient housing that is cost-effective, healthy, and durable. All ACHP workshops, publications, and projects are designed specifically for Northern regions. Whether you are a home builder, an owner-builder, a home owner, or “just looking”, ACHP can assist you with the questions you have about energy-efficient homes.

The Environmental Protection Agency has revised the qualifications for televisions to achieve the ENERGY STAR label, requiring TVs to be 40% more energy efficient than conventional models. These requirements will help consumers save even more energy and money and fight climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions while allowing them to continue to enjoy the features, performance and quality they expect. Televisions meeting EPA’s new, more stringent ENERGY STAR specifications will be available in stores nationwide starting May 1, 2010.

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