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TUTORIAL: USING WEB-BASED AND GOOGLE EARTH MAPS OF PROJECTED CLIMATE CHANGE IN ALASKA is the topic for the next Alaska Climate Teleconference to be held from 10 to 11am Alaska Local Time. Nancy Fresco, Network Coordinator for Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning and Katie Kennedy, Education and Outreach Coordinator for the University of Alaska Geography Program will lead the discussion. The University of Alaska, Scenarios Network for Alaska Planning (SNAP) provides quick and easy access to a wide range of climate projections for the state of Alaska at a 2km resolution. Data and maps are available for download in web-based and Google Earth formats. These maps show projected changes in temperature, precipitation, growing season length, freeze-up date and thaw date, and include documentation of uncertainties. Join this tutorial to learn how to view, interpret and download available data and maps and discuss upcoming SNAP products. Participants will need to download Google Earth onto their computer before the teleconference tutorial (link to download).

To participate: Log-In to the Alaska Climate Teleconference:
1) With a regular telephone dial: 1-800-893-8850.
2) When prompted, enter the PIN code: 7531823.

To view the presentation during a teleconference:
1) Point your web browser HERE.
2) Click on the blue Join a Meeting button on the left side bar.
3) For Presenter ID enter: If you do not see anything on your screen, click on the refresh button on the top bar.

For more information or assistance contact Brook Gamble, 907-474-7812, or email.