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On October 14, 2009, the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (Commission) voted to adopt new regulations establishing net metering requirements for economically regulated utilities. A final version of the regulations was formally adopted on January 15, 2010.Net metering serves as an important incentive for consumer investment in renewable energy generation. It allows a customer of a regulated utility to interconnect eligible onsite generation facilities with their electric utility’s distribution system. Customer-generated electricity can then offset electricity consumption on a kilowatt-hour (kWh) basis. In general, the new regulations….Read more

More information from the Regulatory Commisison of Alaska here

From Rena Delbridge at Alaska Dispatch: Chuck Lee looks around his Lazy Mountain property and sees potential to lighten the footprint his family leaves on the land. There’s a small stream well-suited to micro-scale hydroelectric power generation, especially in spring, when it threatens to overflow the banks. A broad roof is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the sun’s stunning power. And a field close by would be an ideal site for a small wind turbine, where blades could catch the steady winter breeze flowing out of the Matanuska Valley. Lee has dreamed of such things, but has been somewhat hamstrung without a state policy allowing him to sell extra electricity into the utility grid. That could change, though, following the Regulatory Commission of Alaska’s adoption of a net metering policy on Wednesday. Read more