Honor a Loved One With a Memorial or Tribute Gift 

Commemorate milestones in the lives of your family and friends.  Send a gift in honor of a loved one for the holidays or to someone who is celebrating a birthday, graduation or another memorable achievement.  You can also give a gift in memory of someone who has passed away.  All of these donations help support REAP’s work toward clean energy all year round.

REAP will publish all dedicated gifts in our monthly newsletter and send an acknowledgement card or email (depending on your preference) to the person you are honoring or to the family of the person you are remembering. In addition, we will send the honoree updates throughout the year on how your gift in his or her honor has made an impact on progress toward clean energy in Alaska.

Memorial and Tribute gifts are tax-deductible and can be made by mail (308 G St. #207, Anchorage, 99501) or by calling Jenny at (907) 929-7770 ext. 10. If you prefer to donate online, you may do so on this page with your standard donation information, but please follow up with us to via phone or email to arrange recipient recognition.

When you donate by mail, please include your name, contact and donation information, as well as the honoree name and contact information. We will follow up with you to confirm your preferred recognition method.

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Who we are

Renewable Energy Alaska Project is a coalition of energy stakeholders working to facilitate the development of renewable energy in Alaska through collaboration, education, training, and advocacy.