Test your Environmental IQ 

Test your smarts on the environment with this quiz from the Wall Street Journal. We’ve listed a few questions below. To see them all, click here

1) The debate over how to power the U.S. has been raging since the Nixon years, and was given extra impetus during last year’s presidential campaign. Just how does the U.S. keep the lights on? Match the share of electricity generated this year to the fuel source:
A. Coal
B. Nuclear power
C. Natural gas
D. Hydroelectric
E. Other renewables

1. 3.4%
2. 22%
3. 45%
4. 21%
5. 7.4%
ANSWER: A-3, B-4, C-2, D-5, E-1. Coal is still king, but it’s the one source of power whose share of the electricity mix has fallen this year, to 45% from 49% last year.

2) Speaking of power sources, what country gets the largest share of its electricity from renewable sources?
A. Denmark
B. Norway
C. New Zealand
D. Austria
E. Iceland

ANSWER: E. Iceland’s power is about 75% hydroelectric and 25% geothermal. Geothermal power, or tapping the earth’s underground heat, provides a rare double whammy for clean energy: It’s cheap and always available. Just not everywhere. Norway, a close second in renewable sourcing, gets 99% of its electricity from hydroelectric power.

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