Testing wind power in Unalaska 

FROM KUCB Radio: The windy fall weather is providing electricity to some community members. Two new vertical wind turbines were recently installed in Unalaska. The vertical helix-shaped blades are designed to catch wind in all directions. Unlike horizontal turbines, they don’t require motors that can break or wear out to reorient them for rapidly changing wind directions.  Helix Wind CEO Ian Gardner explained that wind can even be angled up or down and the unit will still produce power. “Because the blades spin on a vertical axis, whatever direction the wind comes from, it catches the blade scoops. With a propeller style unit it has to come from the front of the blades. If it comes in from any other angle, the blades won’t spin. That’s why the helix unit, because it takes it from every direction, is more beneficial.” Read more

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