Unlocking your data: How utilities can take advantage of the smart grid 

This article on SmartGrid News.com is pretty technical and utility manager focused, but it’s the wave of the future as far as managing electrical grids go.

You’re not truly wealthy if you have a hoard of money locked up in a vault with no key. Likewise, utilities are not truly empowered if they have hoards of data locked up inside their intelligent devices. Every utility that has microprocessor-based devices and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) technology has access to an incredibly detailed historical record. That operational and nonoperational data describes virtually every function and event occurring in the generation, transmission, and distribution systems. Surprisingly, few utilities take advantage of this wealth of information. Why not? Many utilities don’t realize that (a) the data can be archived and (b) technology is already available to utilize that data. As a result, many utilities are short-changing their investment returns by failing to fully tap into the information from automated components and delivering it to decision makers. Read more

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