**March 24 & 25 (WEBINAR)
ENGAGEMENT FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE – Public Decisions Online Mini-Conference Co-presented by the American Planning Association’s Public Engagement Interest Group. The impacts of global warming are occurring faster than scientists previously anticipated. As a result, climate change is the most crucial public policy challenge facing communities around the world this decade. two-day conference showcases engagement best practices in support of sustainability. We’ll cover: Policymaking (e.g., green building codes); Revamping existing plans in response to climate change (such as re-tooling comprehensive plans or other land use plans); Design or implementation of sustainability programs (for example, programs that create and monitor local sustainability indicators); and Community programs that address individual and/or community-wide sustainable behaviors (such as alternative energy programs).

The Earthscan Keynote Address will be given by ELIZABETH MALONE, author of “Debating Climate Change” (Earthscan, 2009). The program includes webinar presentations from an array of practitioners around the globe and tours of locations used for engagement purposes in the virtual world Second Life®. Registration also includes participation in virtual networking sessions each day, where participants can informally network with one another about topics of common interest. For more information, go to http://www.publicdecisions.com/miniconf_sust_2010mar24.html.

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