Whole Foods Market to cut energy consumption 25% 

By James Cartledge at brightenergy.org: Organic food retailer Whole Foods Market has announced a plan to cut its energy consumption by 25% per square foot by 2015. The company, which has its HQ in Austin, Texas, has been supporting wind energy projects through the purchase of renewable energy credits for the past three years, and as well as continuing this strategy said it will make its stores more efficient. New stores are being designed to be more energy efficient, with Colorado’s South Glenn store using roughly 35% less energy than two older stores nearby in its first few months and the Santa Barbara store in California using 45% less energy than a comparable store.

Whole Foods has been working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as part of a Retail Energy Alliance partnership with the US Department of Energy to test and develop more efficient buildings. The aim of that work is to design a building that is 50% more efficient than current efficiency codes require. Read more

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