Wind power fastest growing renewable energy sector in Alaska 

Alaska now has 20 communities generating electricity from wind, with more projects coming on line soon. The villages of Toksook and Kasigluk are generating more than 20 percent of their electricity from wind power. Kodiak is generating 9% of its power from turbines it installed on Pillar Mountain in July 2009. Those turbines cut diesel fuel use by 930,000 gallons in one year, saving the utility and its customers more than $2.3 million (at a price of $2.50/gallon for diesel). Want to know more about Alaska’s existing wind farms, and what other projects might soon come on line? Download REAP’s 2-page Wind Power in Alaska update.

Another good resource is this 2010 report from the Institute of Social and Economic Research and the Alaska Center for Energy and Power. The summary and full report can be downloaded below
Wind-Diesel report
Wind-Diesel Report_summary

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