REAP is now hiring: Alaska Network for Energy Education & Employment Director

We are hiring! We recently received funding to hire a new position to coordinate disparate energy education efforts across Alaska to build a cohesive strategy that advances Alaska’s clean energy economy. This Director for the Alaska Network for Energy Education and Employment (ANEEE) will start in February 2017. The Director will build and coordinate a new statewide network composed of K-12 educators, vocational workforce professionals and University personnel that share an interest in clean energy education and training. The Director will work closely with REAP's Energy Education Director who interacts with K-12 teachers and school administrators statewide. The ANEEE Director will [...]

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President Elect Trump’s Cabinet: Lots of Work Ahead!

REAP is watching as President-elect Trump takes steps in a direction that appears to endanger international climate goals and clean energy development. Trump’s selections of Rick Perry as Secretary of Energy, Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State, Scott Pruitt as EPA Administrator and Jeff Sessions as Attorney General are all concerning. All four appear to be willing to confuse the public about proven climate science and the harm clean energy industries and climate goals that the majority of Americans embrace. Bloomberg News and the Washington Post recently reported that the Trump Transition Team submitted a 74-point questionnaire asking for the [...]

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Obama’s Climate Leadership

When President Obama and Xi Jinping ratified the Paris climate agreement earlier this month, some members of Congress may have licked their chops while others questioned Obama’s authorization to ratify. Congressional discontent aside, analysts believe American and Chinese leadership substantially increases international velocity to authorize the global climate accord. Paris only comes into effect when countries that contribute 55% of carbon emissions ratify. Fifty-five percent of the world’s population must also be represented for the accord to proceed. Since China + US emissions equal 38% of global carbon, experts think world’s biggest emitters’ leadership will pressure nations like Canada or [...]

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Power Pledge Challenge Plugs In (Or Unplugs as it were!)

The annual Power Pledge Challenge has kicked off! Every year for the past three years, REAP, in conjunction with Chugach Electric, Municipal Light & Power, and Alaska Energy Authority teach energy efficiency and conservation to seventh and eighth grade science classes. The students then take an online survey and pledge to do three things that reduce their energy use at home. Since August 30th the Power Pledge Challenge team as reached over 1,200 students in four schools! The Power Pledge is also being presented in Juneau by Alaska Electric Light and Power and will be starting this week in the [...]

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Lithium: More Than Bath Salts and Mineral Water

In 1930, the only markets for lithium were mineral water and Lithia effervescing tablets for rheumatism. Big deal. Today, lithium is so critical for batteries in electric vehicles and personal electronics that recent headlines compel even the risk adverse to call their investment broker: “An increasingly precious metal” (The Economist), “A bold approach in commodities pays off” (Wall Street Journal), or “Hailed as the New Petroleum,” (Forbes). Lithium is so hot, REAP has to write about it again. Tesla isn’t the only firm producing lithium-ion batteries in a gigafactory. So is LG, Samsung and Panasonic. See, lithium batteries are the [...]

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